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A design using the full plate of the embedded gear design

Ana Vidovic's Set

The tuner set custom made for Ana Vidovic's guitar

Torres Leaf Model

The Torres Leaf Model for a Turrentine Maple Guitar Project

About Graf Tuners

Artistry Meets Innovation

In 2002 I set out to develop a classical guitar tuning machine that would make tuning truly a pleasure, giving performers the confidence that they could quickly and precisely adjust the tuning, even in mid performance. After carefully analysing methods of construction developed in the days of Torres and still widely used today, I concluded a fresh approach was needed. The invention of the "Independent Floating Gear Housing" was the answer. (more here). Together with High-Tech manufacturing technologies Graf Tuners provide the unmatched precision and smoothness that they are noted for today. After more than 1,000 sets, many in the hands of the worlds top guitarists, I can state with confidence that I succeded in providing the classical guitarist with the Ultimate Tuning Machine, setting a new standard for "the best tuning machine in the world."

Lately, with the technical development largely completed, I enjoy developing my artistic side.

Projects from Times Passed...

Dragon Design

Dragon Tuners

Royal Blue

Royal Blue Tuners

Celtic Knot

Celtic Tuners


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