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My invention of the screw-less tuner mount opened new possibilities. Why not hide the gears underneath the cover plate? This would provide an uninterrupted “canvas” for the art design. From this, I developed the “Cocoon” and “Embed” version of the new Graf Tuner. The Cocoon version fits all standard head-stocks without any modification to the guitar, while the embed version is embedded into the headstock similar to the Lacote style tuners. Both version feature as a standart my invention of the self-locking string-roller.

Cocoon Version of the Graf Tuner

Here is an example of the cocoon version.

This view shows the open cocoon, which also acts as a triple gear-housing

Here is the embed version which requires an modified head-stock.

This image shows the cut-outs required in the headstock to accomodate the gear housings. This is best done with a new build. I offer to make these cut-outs free of charge.


Graf's Self Locking Roller Video

Screwless Tuner Plate Mounting