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This site is under construction and will be so for a while.

I will turn 80 later this year, and decided to slow down a bit. For this reason I no longer accept orders. However, I still intend to produce a handful sets of my new design, -see MODELS section- which will be then listed in the “In Stock” section.

All sets will have unique artistic designs, thus each one will be a unikat (exist only once)

Once completed, I will list them in the IN STOCK section. It is unlikely that there will be any listing until Spring of 2023.

These sets will be priced at a minimum price of $US 2,300.

Although I do no longer accept orders, there is still a way how you can acquire a custom design.

Visit Contact/Order to learn how this works.

Some Videos...

Sharon Isbin Video

Sharon Isbin needs no introduction, in this short video she describes what Graf Tuners are doing for her.

Jorg Graf Video

Jorg Graf being interviewed by Classical Guitar Training. The video covers a bit of history as well as design and manufacturing techniques.