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Here are some videos recorded by myself and others either in testiment to my work or to introduce my innovative ideas for tuning machines.


Sharon Isbin Video

Sharon Isbin needs no introduction, in this short video she describes what Graf Tuners are doing for her.

Jorg Graf Video

Jorg Graf being interviewed by Classical Guitar Training. The video covers a bit of history as well as design and manufacturing techniques.

Ana Vidovic

Recorded September 14, 2013. Jorg Graf and Ana Vidovic discuss the advantages of Graf tuning machines.


Self Locking Rollers

Demonstration of Graf's self locking roller design.

Screwless Tuner Mounting

How to install Graf's screwless tuning machine plate to a headstock

Torres Leaf

Graf Tuners Artist Line special edition, Sterling Silver/Black Chrome, inserted Leaf, enhanced cross-hatch, engraved Gear Shafts. No longer in production.