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Although I no longer accept orders, there is still a way to acquire a custom tuner with a unique design. Here is how this works: Each and every set I will produce from now on will be a “unikat”, meaning only one set will have that particular artistic design. These sets will be priced @ a minimum of USD 2,300. Contact me and outline your concept of a design, or as an alternative, you can state that I have artistic freedom.

If I think your concept has the potential that I can sell it in the “In Stock” section, I will, after developing the concept, send you the sketch of it. If you like it, I will develop it further and produce the set.

Once it is finished, you will be exclusively notified and given the final price. You then have the “right of first refusal”, meaning you have no obligation to purchase. If for any reason you don’t buy the set, I will list it in the “In Stock” section.

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