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The Latest Tuning Machine Set


I made two classical guitar tuner sets of this design for David Chapman, the music department chair at California State University, Stanislaus for his Daniel Friedrich and Flamenca Blanca by Arcangel Fernandez guitars.

When David approached me in April of 2021 he wanted to order the Torres Leaf version of my traditional design. When he learned that I had developed the Cocoon model we agreed that I would make him two cocoon sets with the leaf motif of the Torres Leaf model.

However, when I started to create the modified drawing for the now much larger “canvas” I wanted to do something more creative than placing 4 instead of the 2 leaves on that plate.

Since these leaves are based on grape vines I was thinking of something respresenting wine. Dionysus the Greek god of wine and ecstasy came to mind.

Since David had fond memories of a Greek vacation he liked this idea very much and I started on developing a greek motif with Dionysus at it’s center.

Latest Classical Guitar Tuning Machine Set Picture

In early June of 2022 I had a general concept which looked like the rough sketch here. Over the following weeks I let this percolate and searched for images that I could adopt for this design. By late June I had my design completed and ready to start production.

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